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Beach Colony Rules & Regulations

Welcome to Beach Colony Resort.  Beach Colony is the primary residence for many owners, while it is a vacation get-away for numerous others.  The rights, comfort and security of all are very important.  In this spirit, these rules and regulations were created.  Your adherence to the basic standards of conduct, common sense and common courtesy are expected. Please use the following numbers when problems arise:

The elevators are security coded.  Press floor number and promptly press the three digit security code.

Luggage carts are provided for your convenience in the drive-thru entryway, or in the lobby storage room (East Bldg only). Please do not take the carts into the units.  PLEASE BE COURTEOUS AND RETURN THE CARTS IMMEDIATELY TO THEIR PROPER STORAGE LOCATION.   Please park your vehicle immediately after unloading.

EVERY VEHICLE MUST DISPLAY A VALID PARKING STICKER OR PARKING PASS. If you do not have one, please come to the office on the ground floor of the center tower. The covered parking spaces in the west garages are privately owned and not available for guests.  RVs, boats, trailers, wave runners, etc. are strictly prohibited on the property.  They will be towed.  

Fire codes strictly prohibit fires, grills or fireworks of any kind on the balconies. Florida State Law strictly prohibits tossing anything off the balconies. Never throw cigarette butts, liquids, shells, or anything else from the balconies!  
Do not feed the birds from the balconies or hang towels or clothing off the balconies.  Please be mindful of loud noise and radios and respect the serenity of our environment.

Three barbequing areas with grills are available on the grounds. Owners and guests may use privately owned barbequing equipment only at these designated areas. 

You are asked to be respectful of our hours for operations. Quiet Time starts at 10:00 PM. The Pools, Sauna, Fitness Center and Tennis Courts will close at 10 PM.  No yelling, loud talking, loud music, or loud activity is permitted anytime during the day. 
Beach Colony Security (850-791-0382) will respond to evening and week-end complaints of any disruption in the buildings, parking lot, pool areas or walkovers.   
If you believe there is a dangerous situation, you can also call 911.  Beach Colony Security will attempt to enforce our "Quiet Time". However, the Escambia County Sheriff's Department will be called for major disturbances - which could result in the offender's removal from the property, a fine and/or arrest.  

Wrists Bands - Between Easter Week and the end of Labor Day Weekend, wrist bands are required when using the pools, tennis courts, or Fitness Center. Please make sure your wrist bands are visible to the Security Guards.  If not worn on the wrist or ankle, they should be displayed hanging from a bag, hat, etc.  If the Security Guard cannot easily see your wrist band, you will be approached and asked to present rental or owner verification.
Security Gate Codes - Many of our gates have security locks with numeric codes. You will need to get the Security Codes either from the Beach Colony Property Manager or your rental agent for the Walkovers, Tennis Courts and Fitness Center.

The pool hours are 8 AM – 10 PM.  No glass containers are allowed anywhere on the pools decks. Beverages in cans or plastic bottles are permitted on the pool decks. However, no food or beverages are allowed in any of the pools … or on the edges of the pool. 
Please help keep sand out of the pools. Shower and rinse off before entering the pool, as well as any items you will be taking into the pool.

The two walkovers are your access to our Beach Front area.  Please observe the posted signs and stay off the dunes.
The beach front area at Beach Colony Resort is maintained and equipped for the enjoyment of our owners and guests. Gulf View Beach Services is the sole provider of beach lounge chair sets and offers equipment that may be rented by the day or week. Of course, you may use own chairs anywhere on the beach.  For security purposes, we ask that you do not leave your chairs or other personal property on the beach overnight. You may contact Gulf View Beach Services at 850-232-2364 with any questions. 
To allow for the necessary space for the use of emergency rescue equipment, we ask that all tents be erected in the area on the beach between the lounge chairs sets and the buildings The beach is there for everyone to enjoy! Also, please bring any concerns or questions you have about the beach services to the Property Management Office.

When leaving the beach area, please thoroughly rinse yourselves and all equipment that you are bringing up from the beach at the designated rinse stations on each boardwalk.  This is to prevent sand from getting in the pools and damaging the pump equipment, and getting in the hallways and condo units.  

The fitness center is located in the East Building. The hours of operation are 6 AM to10 PM. You will need a security code to enter. You must be 16 or older to enter or use the fitness center. Please review the rules posted in the Fitness Center before using the equipment.

Pets are strictly forbidden to accompany renters. Owners with pets are required to have their pets on leashes at all times. Owners are also encouraged to use the dog walk and potty area provided adjacent to the tennis courts.  Please pick up after your pet.  Florida law prohibits dogs on the beach.

Skateboarding or skating is not allowed anywhere in parking lots or anywhere else on the property.

A trash chute room is located on the West side of each floor. Securely bag all trash and tightly tie all trash bags before putting them in the chute. Articles that will not fit into trash chute should be taken to lobby dumpster. Do not leave trash in trash chute room. Never toss loose garbage or pizza boxes in the chute. 

Large or noxious items such as crab shells, fish bait, disposable diapers, etc should be double bagged and placed in the dumpsters located at the far NE corner of parking lot.

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